Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unlawful construction work.

We - meaning my family and me - live in one of the largest, most polluted cities in the world.

Our country is facing mid-term elections in less than a month. Many of the licenses have been in limbo because those in power does not want to favor anyone right now.

Last night, a neighbor of ours - a big, important publishing company - began working on their site at 11:00pm. And I don't mean just working: they were hammering metal structures and doing all kind of hard, noisy construction work.

My husband and I tried to sleep the best we could. Finally, at 2:00am we decided to call the police. Nothing happen!!!!!! We called back at 3:30pm and the officer on the phone said that they sent a car to check and that they couldn't hear a noise.

I felt like screaming my lungs out to make them stop, but I realized that I might wake the kids.

At 5:00am, silence fell finally.

It is approximately 6:30pm now. Trust me, I am exhausted.

I am astounded on how rude people are to each other. Even though they are a big publishing company, they know that there are many families nearby. We need to sleep, to have some peace inside our homes.

I am also beyond angry with the lack of police response. I am sure they got some money to let them work. Corruption at its lowest!

I think it is time to go to bed. I am not able to put 2 + 2 together. Maybe I'll be able to get 5 hours sleep before the unlawful construction work begins. Good night everyone!

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