Thursday, June 25, 2009


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My dad's side of the family are all artists.

My great grandfather, Joseph Schreurs, was a Clarinet prodigy and artistic director of the Chicago Orchestra in the late 1800's.

My grandmother was a violin concertmaster. I remember growing up listening to her rehearsing over and over Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

My uncles and my aunt are all musicians. They are composers and singers and very talented.

Even though we, grandchildren, took violin lessons with grandma, I never got the hold of it and was, very gently, let go of my music lessons.

Last Tuesday, my beautiful 8 years old son, gave his first violin recital.

What amazes me is that he never touched a musical instrument before August. His new school is integral education oriented, and that includes arts.

He stood there, holding his violin, his hand perfectly positioned on the bow, so serious and concentrated, watching the crowd with no nervousness in his eyes and began playing. Simple and yet beautiful.

I am so proud of my son!
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