Monday, June 15, 2009

Seven years

mama segun carla

Tomorrow, my big girl will turn seven years old!

I can't believe how fast these past seven years have gone by. I still remember holding her for the first time. She was this tiny, fragile baby girl, with a head full of hair and a tiny nose.

She used to smile always and I remember the first time I heard her laugh: I knew, then and there, that I would never be sad while she was part of my life.

That beautiful happy baby girl has grown into an amazingly loving, caring and compassionate seven year old girl.

She learned to read and write when she was 5. Now we share the books of my childhood.

She always finds way to help others: her siblings, her dad and me.

She loves to swim, to cook, to play soccer and to draw.

She has many friends and is an excellent student.

Of course we have had our difficulties, but she has taught me more about forgiveness that I ever thought possible.

Tomorrow will be a day of happiness and celebration in our household. My precious girl turns 7 and I am blessed to be her mom.

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  1. Happy birthday Miss years old, how on earth did that happen..?? Your Mama is so very proud of you.

    Hope your day is special and that you get to eat cake...!!!

    Lots of love to you.