Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 15th - Infant and Child Death Awareness Day

There is no greatest tragedy than the death of a child.

The terrible reality of child death is one that many families experience everyday. It does not matter the circumstances of death and the age the child had at time of death.

That family is facing the horror of burying their child. We are used to believe that our children are supposed to survive us, not the other way around.

My older children died before their time. For a long time I believed that I was alone in my grief. Those close to me, turned their eyes away at the sight of my tears. My world had stopped, why everyone wanted me to move on?

One sleepless night, while surfing the Web, I found the most compassionate woman I have ever met: Dr. Joanne Cacciatore. She grant me permission to translate some of her writings. That is how I came in touch with The MISS Foundation.

I have been given the opportunity to reach out and give back the support I received back then, in my early grief.

I have been a MISS Volunteer for the past 11 years of my life. I found my MISSion: I am the voice of those three little babies that died before their time.

I am thankful to all those families that have allowed me to walk with them through their grief journey. I am honored to share their most intimate feelings and thoughts. I am honored to meet their children through their loving parents' eyes.

I am thankful for the MISS Foundation for letting me give back. I am thankful for the wonderful people I've met, my dear friends Kara, Janice, Debbie, Lissy, Wendy, Kerrie, Tracy, Lorri, Rhonda, Karin, Sinead, Tazzy, Vicki, Sharon, Shanon, Kelli, Anna, Michele, and so many others.

I am thankful to Dr. Cacciatore, for having the strength to reach out after tragedy stoke her hard.

I am thankful for Chey, for sharing her special mom with the rest of the world.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MISS-ing Ingredients Cookbook deadline extended

GREAT NEWS: The MISSing Ingredients Cookbook Deadline Extended
MISSing Ingredients: A Re-member-ing Cookbook
MISS is creating a hard cover re-member-ing cookbook, and we need your
recipes and memories/dedications in honor of your children to be a part of this publication.
The original deadline has been extended. We don’t know for exactly how long as we have secret celebrities who have also agreed to participate. We are excited to report that these special celebrities who are sharing their recipes and dedications AND we also have additional sponsors, which allows us to make a bigger and better cookbook!
100% of the proceeds to benefit MISS!
For those of you who have already submitted your recipes and dedications in the last couple of weeks, THANK YOU!!
And for those of you who submitted your recipes a few years ago, send me an email. I did receive a list of those recipes, but I want to be sure that I have yours.
Take a look at the MISSing Ingredients Cookbook Cover designed by Kara Jones,http://motherhenna.com/miss_cookbook_cover.html
There is NO FEE to submit your recipe and memory!!
Recipe Submission Instructions:
2. Enter WEB ID: 13500-09VA
(a password is not required)
3. Click on "Short/cut Online"
4. Select (2) in drop down for # of parts in multi-part recipe
5. Select menu category from drop down
6. Enter Recipe Title
7. Enter Ingredients
8. Enter Recipe directions in Method section
9. Title your Memory in the Part 2 Subheading
10. Skip Ingredients section of Part 2
11. Enter your dedication in the second Method section
12. Hit Submit
(the software isn’t designed to provide a confirmation, if you have a question as to whether your recipe was received email:Kathy.sandler@missfoundation.org)
Frustrated, confused, it just doesn't make sense???? Email your recipe and
You can PRE-ORDER your copies now! Cookbooks will be mailed directly to you!
Cost of cookbook: $15/copy + $5 s/h
(100% proceeds to benefit MISS Foundation)
For additional information and downloadable PDF flyer here:
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy blogging

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I haven't been here to write lately.

The school I work for is getting ready for the case the AH1N1 virus hits hard again and has all of its teachers blogging.

We are blogging about the subjects we teach. I have been busy transferring my teaching notes into those blogs my students have access to.

In fact, last Friday and today, my students presented exams after studying the contents of my subject in my blog.

Honestly, I have enjoyed some of it, but I've missed being here and blogging about something and nothing in particular, instead of writing about what I am supposed to teach in a classroom.

So I hope I'll have more time and share with you some of my past experiences, because this is more personal and honest than writing about school subjects, don't you think so?
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