Friday, June 5, 2009

My first post

I am blessed to have many gifted friends. Some sing beautifully, some are successful business women, others are excellent moms. All of them are compassionate, caring and loving ladies that I am honored to meet and call friends. But some of them have a blog. I have been inspired by what they write and the way they share their experiences, their thoughts and their emotions.

The idea of having my own blog has been running around my crazy mind during months now. Finally, today, I decided to start blogging.

Let me introduce myself: I am a bereaved mom. My three older children died before their time. I have been blessed with three children on earth. They fill my life with joy and wonderment and so much love it is impossible to describe.

I am also a wife. I have been married for more than a decade to a wonderful, compassionate, loving and decent man. He is the love of my life. Even though I am not an easy person to live with, he has filled my life with laughter and understanding and more love than I can say. He stands by me all the way. I know he does not share all my ideas, but still, he loves me dearly.

I am a devoted Catholic. I was baptized shortly after birth. My parents never were very religious. I became closer to God later, first by reasoning His existence and His relationship with us, as His creatures. After the death of my children, and after many sleepless nights of soul-searching, I finally let Him inside my heart. We are friends and I work hard towards a better relationship with Him.

I am a lawyer and a teacher. These are my hobbies: to study (from my legal point of view) and to share with others what I have learned. Be sure to know that I have learned more from my students than they have learned from me.

I like to read and to write. Life and Death have always intrigued me. If you would take a look at my bookshelves, I am sure you would be amazed of the many topics I like to read, but ever since I was a teen, death has played an important part on those books I call my favorites.

The passion of my life is to reach out to others in grief. The reason I got up in my darkest hours and my lifeline has been The MISS Foundation. Eleven years ago, I was given the opportunity to give back some of the support I received in my early grief. I feel so honored to have met some wonderful people, I am grateful that they have shared their precious children with me and their most deepest feelings and emotions after the death of their children.

What will I write about? I have no idea... Maybe a little bit of this, a little bit of that.


  1. A huge welcome to the Blogosphere my dear friend, it will be a richer world because you are in it...I very much look forward to reading your posts.

    Much love...xoxo

  2. Wow, I have another friend with a blog. I love reading them....looking forward to reading yours.