Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Revisiting my childhood

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Some posts ago, I wrote that my daughter and I are sharing some books of my childhood. My favorite books then.

They were written by Enid Blyton and they are the "Malory Towers" series. They were written in the 1940's and even though many years have passed since then, human nature hasn't.

My parents gave them to me around my 8th birthday and I read and reread them until my teen years. There are many pictures of me with a book of the series in my hand.

Well, I reread the first one before my daughter last Monday. Today, I finished the fifth one.

I realize that those books are part of what I have become over the years. They are about a group of girls that attend boarding school at Malory Towers. Ms. Blyton wrote beautifully, yet, simply, about their personalities and how they evolved over the years.

I always admired Darrell Rivers and her friend Sally, the main characters of the series. But I also recognized some of Gwendoline Mary in me, and tried to change it. I used to be hard and judgmental as Alicia, I tried to soften that horrible aspect of me.

I am an avid reader and I really hope my kids learn to enjoy reading as much as I do. Since the day I discovered the wonder world contained in books, I have never felt alone or bored. Books have been loyal friends to me since childhood.

Do you have a favorite book from your childhood? Why not read it again and discover what you have in you from that early experience?

Thank you Ms. Blyton for helping me discover the wonderful world of written words!
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