Saturday, July 4, 2009

The teadiousness of housework

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Have you ever noticed that housework always goes amiss?

If you do it, no one will notice. But if you stop cleaning your house, just for one lousy day, everyone will realize how filthy it is.

Everyday the same list has to be crossed out: dishes, clothes, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, living room, food, etc. Then, there is an extra list that pops out from time to time: windows, garage, closets, pantry, oven, fridge... You name it!

And we all have our own routine. I have tried different ways to do the same things everyday, but they are tedious, no matter how much I use a cleaner's new fragrance to change things a bit.

I think back to my mom's times. Those ladies used to have their houses clean, even though they didn't have the appliances we do have now. I grew up used to a clean house, a hot meal (three times a day), and washed and pressed clothes. I never thought of all the hard work my mom put into it, until I had to do it.

I haven't cleaned the house as I usually do. I have swipe and mopped the kitchen and the bathrooms. I have put the dishes into the dishwasher and taken them out promptly. I have loaded the washer and the dryer every day and then folded everyone's clothes after the buzz went off.

I haven't used the vacuum cleaner, cleaned the windows, tidy my kids' rooms or even attempted to press a single item of clothes.

I am on vacation and I am entitled to take a break!

I am also conscious that this is a break: I don't want my kids to get used to the dirty mess. I want them to learn to enjoy a clean, tidy environment so when they have their own place, they, at least, try to keep it as clean as possible. On the other hand : I cannot live permanently in the mess we are currently.

I am not a cleaning freak, I promise I am not. But I do believe that good habits begin early in life and somethings you just learn through your pores, and your nose.

Ah and one more tip before I forget: if someone does the cleaning for you, even once, please appreciate their hard work and say Thank You
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