Friday, July 10, 2009

Life's firsts

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While taking a shower this morning, I began to remember some of my firsts in life. Those that made me who I am today and from what I have learned so much.

So I thought that I wanted to share some with you:

  • First time someone in my family died: I was 6 years old, it was my father's grandfather and I remember a lot about him.

  • First book: Little Women, between 6 and 7

  • First time I traveled by myself: I was 7. I went to Chicago to spend time with my dear aunt Mary and my dear uncle Dick.

  • First time I was crushed by death: At 11, when my dad's dad died.

  • First time I taught: I was 10 and I taught a ballet lesson to younger girls... That was fun!

  • First time I hated someone: I don't remember the exact age I was - maybe 5 or 6. My mom was crying into the phone, she was talking to her mom, who always made her cry. I hated my grandmother so much for hurting my mom I wanted to slap her hard.

  • First time I was kissed: I was 14, he was my first "boyfriend". He was the oldest brother of one of my friends. I was so confused by all my mixed emotions, that I broke up with him the next day.

  • First surgery: The one that I remember was when I had my wisdom teeth removed at 15. My first one was at 3 months old.

  • First time I fell in love: I was 15, he was 5 years older than me. I was head over heels for him. We broke up 5 years later.

  • First time I knew who I was: I was in Cuba for ballet training, I was 16 and I was on my own for 1.5 months. I learned so much about myself and the values I hold dear.

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  • First time I defied my parents: I was 20 and they grounded my baby brother. I decided to pay for his trip and take the consequences.

  • First time I failed a class: I was in 5th semester of Law School - 20 or 21 - and I failed "History of Medieval and Modern Law". I swore my parents would kick me out of the house, but instead, they just smiled and said "welcome to normality".

  • First time I was really proud of myself: when I presented my bar exam and defended my thesis.

  • First time I knew I had found the "one": I was 24 and my mom's mother died. My then boyfriend stood up by my side all the way. He helped me handle the horrible funeral arrangements for her.

  • First home: a tiny apartment dh and I lived in when first married.

  • First death I witnessed: My beloved dad's mom died and I was honored to be by her side.

  • First time I wanted to die: when my oldest son died.

  • First time I considered suicide: when my second daughter died.

  • First time I knew I would survive: It was late at night and I had an epiphany: I was the voice of those children that died before their time. If I wanted to see them again, I would have to be stronger and fulfill the mission I have on earth.

  • First book: I was 28. It is called "Introducción al estudio del Derecho Norteamericano"

  • First time I knew I would be happy again: When I held my son in my arms.

  • First time I reached out to others in grief: When I met Isabel through the internet.

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