Monday, August 31, 2009

My new home office

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We've been home a couple of weeks now.

The internet is finally working properly, although our electricity is not. I hope the technician will finally have the time to come here and fix it.

I devoted myself to get the kids' new school material ready and to prepare my lessons. Last week, I finally decided it was time to move my stuff out of my husband's now desk to my new home office.

I now have a place of my own. Well, sort of. My new home office is at the beginning of our new family room/homework space/ mom's place. I moved my books before the summer holidays and finally got a beautiful 1950's desk. I love it!

It has lots of little drawers and some big ones too. It has room for me to keep safe all my little trinkets and my papers. On top of it, I placed a small bookshelf that now contains some of my most priced books: books about bereavement and law books. On top, I placed my binders, which contains my past lessons, the notes I took while studying my Masters Degree and my MISS presentations. I even got a little space in which I have some VCR tapes about bereavement.

During the mornings, I have gorgeous sun light that enters through our glass doors and even on the evenings, when the kids are here, I get some peace to work on my computer and log on to the MISS Foundation Online Support Groups.

I want to thank my dear dh for all the hard work he put into our home remodeling. And for giving me the beautiful desk I wanted so much.

I want to thank my parents for pestering me all those years to make me value the company of a good book and for making me learn a second language.

I want to thank God for giving me the gift of brain power.
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